MTB Biking

Live Life, enjoy biking; Experience out MTB trails!

A ride on the Naro Moru MTB trail is a unique experience that you really must try. The mountain bike trails at Naro Moru River Lodge offer a unique opportunity to connect and with nature end experience the local flora and fauna from a very close perspective.

In the freedom of cycling comes the freedom of the mind, offering a chance to also enjoy the lovely scenery as you work up a sweat and enjoy the clean mountain air.

The trails are open to riders with all level of skill; beginners; experienced riders or riders simply looking to have fun as individuals or groups

Cycling and has grown in the recent past as a form of active travel. It is economically affordable and embraces the concept of sustainable travel. The opportunities for a close interaction with nature and the health benefits are also an attractive option to the more traditional forms of travel.

There is always something that seems and feels so right about how a bike connects to human beings. This timeless notion is yet to be understood. The joy that comes with it is just something waiting to be discovered at Naro Moru River Lodge.

Let’s not also forget the numerous benefits that are accompanied by biking like cardio-vascular fitness, Helps in muscle strength and flexibility. There is improved joint mobility and decreased stress levels. Including improved posture and coordination and strengthened bones, ladies this is specifically for you, decreased body fat levels and above all of these the prevention or management of disease. All these are accommodated under biking.

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